It will come as no surprise that we are enthusiastic about the simulation game method, because simulation games are one of the most powerful, versatile and entertaining methods in political and civic education work and beyond. We are enthusiastic about sharing this enthusiasm! Accordingly, we have conducted countless simulation game training courses for lecturers and students, for teachers, for educational staff and for young people. 

Whether in the Bavarian province or in Paris, in Tunisia or in Indonesia, or as part of an online workshop: we were often met with confused looks when beginning a training session. Sometimes there was scepticism about the method, sometimes the participants were euphoric from the start - but our core message is actually always the same: 

Have the confidence to develop and facilitate simulation games! The participants will be grateful for the opportunity to actively participate. They will learn a lot and, in the best case, have a lot of fun!

But the best way to assess the advantages of the method is to get to know it yourself. That's why we always start with a short simulation game. Only then do we deal with questions like: What is special about the method? What do I have to consider when developing, organising, and implementing a simulation game? When does it make sense to use this method and how can I integrate simulation games into my event or lessons? 

In the second part, the participants develop their own game ideas in groups. And if, at the end, one of the newly developed simulation game ideas can be played without discovering major structural errors in the game, the participants will leave satisfied, as will we.

But often we continue to accompany the participants, offering feedback to help complete the game or coaching them in the facilitation of their first simulation games. By then, the enthusiasm is usually ripe, and the simulation game method has found new followers. 

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