We're glad you made it this far! We sincerely hope that you like our new homepage. We have put a lot of work into it... After all, we have covered all the steps internally: from conception and text editing to visual design and programming, everything is "made by planpolitik". With one exception: The - in our opinion - beautiful illustrations come from the great illustrator Berta Cusó. Berta has managed to put our ideas of who we are and what we do into visual form. And when implementing our feedback on the first drafts, we sometimes had the feeling that she could read minds. 

What makes the new website stand out, what is different? For one thing, it has become leaner, more concise. We have said goodbye to some areas of the site and made other areas larger and more focused. "What do you actually do?" - We now hopefully give a comprehensible answer to this question, right on the landing page. On a separate sub-page, we explain our position, what we stand for and how we work. Other sections describe our services and formats, as well as reference projects as examples of our work - all of this shorter and more focused than before. 

But what is the blog all about? Many of you know our newsletter (no? Subscribe here), in which we give an insight into our work every 6-8 weeks. Short texts on particularly interesting projects, house announcements, tips on freely advertised events, and much more. This will continue, but those who know planpolitik will have noticed that the news has disappeared from the actual website. They can now be found in the newsletter or on social media. 

With the blog, we want to give a deeper insight into the world of planpolitik. In somewhat longer texts, we present, for example, methods and formats that we like to use, or give tips on how to do it yourself. How does scenario development actually work? How do you develop simulation games? What needs to be considered when moderating an online event? In the "Behind the Scenes" section, we let you in on what keeps us busy internally: How do we want to work together? What tools do we use for digital collaboration? How does leadership work at planpolitik? Why do we do it at all, what drives us? 

There should also be a place here for addressing fundamental questions and dilemmas about our work. What principles guide us in our political education work? How do we deal with problematic statements and attitudes of participants in our events? Are there also assignments that we reject, and for what reasons? How do we position ourselves in the culture of the digital? How sustainable is our work, how sustainable are we as an organisation? 

As you can see, there is a lot that keeps us busy. We would be delighted if you are part of this us and enter into an exchange. Just keep checking back here, follow us on social media, subscribe to the newsletter, write to us or give us a call. We look forward to seeing you!

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