Senaryon is more than a platform for simulation games: It is also an excellent online environment for a virtual think tank. Participants can work together on their ideas, policy recommendations or a list of demands. And they do this independently of location, i.e. from anywhere, and asynchronously, i.e. at the times when they can be active. The only difference to online simulation games is that the participants do not take on roles but contribute their actual opinions.

With Senaryon, we are able to facilitate "classic" formats such as future labs and idea workshops even if participants are not in one place - or only gather for a final conference. We either offer only the technical implementation for digital discussion formats or we design and moderate the entire working process. 

So far, we have successfully completed three virtual think tanks, in each of which 25 young people from three countries jointly articulated their desires towards European politics. The occasion for this was the #EngagEUrCouncil project, which accompanied the trio presidency of Germany, Slovenia, and Portugal. 

Each person was given individual access to Senaryon, where they found themselves members of a topical working group. Comprehensive dossiers for content briefing were deposited online, thus strengthening the common knowledge base. Each working group also had its own virtual group room dedicated to informal exchange and the collaborative writing process. Interim results were presented in the plenary and further developed based on mutual feedback.

The work process was also accompanied by webinars, panel discussions and digital meetings with experts. The result is a young agenda for Europe that makes a real contribution to the debate on the future of the EU. It was also made available to political decision-makers at pre-presidency conferences.

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