With our blog we give a deeper insight into the world of planpolitik. In somewhat longer texts, for example, we present methods and formats that we like to use or give tips on how to do it yourself. Or we deal in more detail with topics that are currently on our minds. In the "Behind the Scenes" section, we let you in on what's on our minds internally, e.g. on questions like: Why do we do this at all, what drives us? How do we want to work together? What does it mean to work for us? How do we want to position ourselves in the future? What personnel, methodological or thematic innovations are there? We look forward to your comments! Enjoy reading!

Around the world in 18 years

50 countries in 18 years - from Luxembourg to Indonesia, from Finland to Ethiopia. And all on behalf of political education work! Holidays in other countries are a great thing for many people. But for...


Organizing planpolitik in circles

Task- and competence-oriented work, separation between business and service circles, no hierarchies qua positions, self-organisation in the circles, pull instead of push principle in management - these are some of the catchwords that accompany us...



We're glad you made it this far! We sincerely hope that you like our new homepage. We have put a lot of work into it... After all, we have covered all the steps internally: from...

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