With our blog we give a deeper insight into the world of planpolitik. In somewhat longer texts, for example, we present methods and formats that we like to use or give tips on how to do it yourself. Or we deal in more detail with topics that are currently on our minds. In the "Behind the Scenes" section, we let you in on what's on our minds internally, e.g. on questions like: Why do we do this at all, what drives us? How do we want to work together? What does it mean to work for us? How do we want to position ourselves in the future? What personnel, methodological or thematic innovations are there? We look forward to your comments! Enjoy reading!

Experimental learning with measures and properties

Our journey at planpolitik is all about taking simulation games to the next level. Traditionally, one of the methods we used to achieve this was by adding layers of intricacy to paper-based simulation games using...


AI Integration in Senaryon: The Future of Simulation Gaming?

AI werewolf and ingame-assistants and automated game events: Could AI revolutionize digital simulation games? Our developers created a wish list of AI features that could be incorporated into Senaryon


The Resurgence of Face-to-Face Interactions: Hybrid and Online Games with Senaryon in a Post-Pandemic World

As the world moves beyond the pandemic, online games continue to thrive alongside a renewed appetite for in-person interactions.

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