Our portal “Teaching Europe” provides materials for interactive workshops and participation-oriented teaching. It is aimed at teachers and trainers in both formal and non-formal education. Since its launch, "Teaching Europe" has become a household name not only among teachers in Berlin - thanks to its modular structure, its precise adaptation to curricula and its ease of implementation. 

There are eight modules to choose from, which differ in terms of their learning objective, method, duration of implementation and preparation effort. They include a Jigsaw puzzle of institutions, a simulation game on the topic of "Hate Speech and Fake News" and a lot in between. They can be used individually or combined into a complete series of lessons or a workshop lasting several days. 

The materials help to build skills and knowledge in the fields of perception, analysis, and judgement, and leave room for open-ended discussions on Europe and the EU. In order to adapt the materials as precisely as possible to the requirements of the curricula and to be didactically up to date, we sought advice from the teachers’ didactic network Kreidestaub e. V. []. [https://www.kreidestaub.net/]. 

With just a few clicks, multipliers can download the free materials. Each module is explained in a short manual, while a more detailed manual suggests combinations of modules for specific target groups. On request, we also provide training for teachers and multipliers. 

The methods are designed for groups of up to 30 youngsters aged 15 and over but are also suitable for adults of all ages. The activities last between 30 and 135 minutes, preparation time for the implementation of the modules is usually 20 minutes max. 

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