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Serious games

A board game on the Sustainable Development Goals, a dice game on issues of justice, a cooperative board and card game on migration histories or an online app for dealing with fake news - our range of topics and playful approaches is wide. 

A special challenge with serious games is the balance between didactic demands and enjoyment of the game. Our experience in the didactic development of interactive formats helps us find the right balance. 

Thanks to our team's versatile skill set, all steps in a game project come from under one roof: Conception and development, technical and visual realisation and, last but not least, production management. 

Projects - Serious games

Serious games

A milestone in the history of planpolitik!

It was a milestone in the history of planpolitik - the first serious games completely developed, designed and produced by...

Serious games

Are social media dangerous? Not if you know how to use them!

Setting privacy, flagging unknown persons, and recognising advertising as phishing – our game Junait playfully raises children's awareness of the...

Serious games

United for the future - 17 goals for a more sustainable world

Serious games are a particularly beautiful form of interactive political education work, but they are also challenging to develop. Our...

Simulation games, Serious games

The Union Lab – Design your own European Union!

Anyone who is involved in European politics is familiar with the debates about the pros and cons as well as...

Serious games

REMEDIO - a journey against time

A cooperative board and card game where players are sucked into an adventure story! One summer we received a call...

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