It was a milestone in the history of planpolitik - the first serious games completely developed, designed and produced by us! It was also our first time participating in an EU-funded project - with the somewhat unwieldy title "EDC for All - Qualifying and Mainstreaming Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC) within Europe". The result is a trilingual game box containing two games along with all the materials for instruction:  S*iNTRO, a card game with a focus on the topics of social and societal participation and discrimination, and ja!do, a dice game on justice and fairness in society.

We are particularly pleased that the games have since been used regularly in different countries for democracy and human rights work - not least because the issues of social participation and justice have become even more important in recent years.

The Games Box is available in German, English and Portuguese, as the NGO Dínamo Associação from Sintra/Portugal was the project coordinator. This has led us on numerous trips to beautiful Portugal, together with the other project partners, the Council of Europe, the European Human Rights Network DARE as well as the Aga Khan Development Network. 

The path from initial brainstorming sessions to numerous test runs on to the box's completion was not always straightforward. As is generally the case with "serious games", we were faced with the challenge of developing a game that was as low-threshold as possible. It had to be fun, but still fulfil the didactic requirement of making questions of discrimination, participation and justice tangible and inviting the participants to reflect on this experience and link it to real-life experiences. From our point of view, we succeeded in doing just that with both games. 

We were also faced with the challenge of producing 200 game boxes - from designing the materials to packaging them. As so often before, we benefited from having a broad-based team in which expertise in content, methodology and design intertwine. This is another reason why "EDCforAll" has been followed by numerous other serious games. 

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