Of course, we want to reach as many people as possible. But even the largest pool of facilitators will reach its limits at some point. In addition, long journeys through Germany and beyond are fun and interesting, but often exhausting and in some cases ecologically questionable. 

That is why we are increasingly trying to involve multipliers in the facilitation of simulation games - regardless of whether the simulation game is conducted remotely or on site. On our platform for online simulation games, Senaryon, we are now successfully implementing this approach with so-called game series. 

The first in this series was the Experience Democracy project, which was commissioned by the Hessian Parliament. The simulation game scenario is obvious: the participants can experience regional politics at first hand. As members of the Hessian parliament, they gather in parliamentary groups and committees to discuss, among other things, the digitisation of schools in Hesse, and aim to draft a new law.

The great innovation of the project is that we grant the staff at the Hessian Parliament access to the content management system (CMS) of Senaryon. This allows them to schedule and conduct the simulation games themselves. The multipliers are prepared for facilitating the online simulation games through training and comprehensive accompanying material. Access to the CMS also enables the client to regularly update simulation game content or even to create material on new topics.

And that's not all: Senaryon is responsive and can therefore be used very flexibly. This means that the games can be decentralised (via PC/laptop, tablet or smartphone), include a video conference or take place on site (via tablet or smartphone). In this way, tools and features from Senaryon are also used on site. This makes the games more interactive and easier to facilitate.

This is a true milestone in the evolution of Senaryon, making it an attractive proposition for partner organisations wishing to build a customised portfolio of online simulation games and manage it independently.

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