Actor Ludwig Brix stands in the kitchen and explains to the viewers what he, as a parent representative, thinks about the conflict at the Hannah Arendt School. In other clips, he plays a member of the school's hip-hop crew, while Lara Heller becomes a member of the theatre group and Batoul Abu-Yahya explains the scenario as Rasha. This is how the introduction to our latest video-based simulation game works, which playfully introduces young people to the topics of diversity and discrimination at school.

“A Question of Attitude?” (“Eine Frage der Haltung”) was conceived with the participation of a school class from the Bad Hersfeld Vocational School and enables young people aged 15 and older to take an intersectional approach to dealing with different forms of discrimination. The video-based simulation game was financed and accompanied by the Adam von Trott Imshausen e.V. Foundation as part of the project “Yesterday as today - show attitude!” 

The scenario is about a casting call for a dance video at a fictitious school, which is perceived by some as sexist and racist. The participants are put into the roles of students, parents and non-school actors and negotiate how solidarity can be shaped and where the boundaries between freedom of expression and discrimination lie.

The special thing about it: The vocational school students participated in the conception process of the simulation game from the very beginning in a workshop and supported us in the development of the simulation game content. In this way, we were able to ensure that the topics of the simulation game were highly relevant and close to the real world for the target group,

The communication of the content via scenic videos also makes the simulation accessible to those who might encounter barriers when reading longer texts. Another plus: the game can also be used digitally on smartphones, thus promoting media literacy and appealing to young people on a familiar platform. A glossary also explains terms that may be unfamiliar. 

 "A Question of Attitude?" not only stands for a critical questioning of one's own attitudes and actions, but is also an example of innovative, participatory and target group-specific educational work in the context of school and diversity.

You can get a small impression in this short video clip

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